A Unique Approach Towards Dentistry
INNOVATE DENTAL CENTRE is a renowned dental clinic providing multidisciplinary services in dental treatments. Being in the field of dentistry for past 27 years, we Know that its smile which can make or mar one's personality and this valuable feature is always nursed by us in the most sophisticated manner.

Apart from the routine dental treatment, we have comprehensive dental treatment, ranging from aesthetic dentistry, implant, orthodontia, orthognathic surgery, gum surgery, bone augmentation procedures and paediatric treatment under general anaesthesia and all invasive as well as non invasive painless and needleless dental treatment using LASERS. The clinic has well managed infrastructure which consists of synergistic man-machine relationship to provide the best to our patients.

Dr. Anil Shah (BDS, Master of ESOLA LASER ACADEMY - VIENNA UNIVERSITY):  Quite innovative in nature, he is the founder of Innovate Dental Centre. His meticulous approach towards providing quality services for past 32 years has brought the clinic at par with international standards. He has spearheaded a unique approach towards dentistry. He constantly strives to bring in the latest technology to provide best to his patients.

Dr. Rikin Shah (BDS, Diploma of ESOLA LASER ACADEMY - VIENNA UNIVERSITY): Having 5 years of clinical practice, he has always kept himself abreast with newer technologies. He has acquired international training in implants, laser dentistry and invisalign treatment. He believes in delivering honest services to the patient of the highest quality possible.

Dr.Aarti Shah (BDS, Diploma of ESOLA LASER ACADEMY - VIENNA UNIVERSITY): She has kept herself abreast with the latest treatments and knowledge of advanced dental technologies. She is dynamic and strongly believes in continuing education and prides herself on remaining on the cutting edge in dentistry.

Dr.Alauki Shah (BDS, Diploma of ESOLA LASER ACADEMY - VIENNA UNIVERSITY): Her emphasis on patient comfort as well as keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry enables her to provide her patients with the best quality of care in the field. She is committed to providing her patients with the highest level of care, taking many continuing education courses.

Dr. Anish Tiwari (MDS-Maxillofacial Surgeon):  He is a visiting maxillofacial surgeon with special interest in orthognathic surgery (surgical correction of jawbones and cosmetic surgery)